Who and what is Taylor Recycling?

Taylor Recycling is a waste recovery company headquarterd in Montgomery, NY.  Our principal facility, located approximately 70 miles due north of New York City, houses one of the most unique construction and demolition recycling operations in the world.  Over 95% of the waste we receive is converted into valuable end products.

This facility offers the following amenities:

a state-of-the-art construction & demolition waste recycling plant
one of the world's first wallboard recycling plants
roll-off container rentals
sales of excellent products such as natural and dyed mulch
demolition services

Taylor Recycling's expertise is not limited to sorting for recycling. We also applied our sorting expertise to one of the largest disasters of recent memory: the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City. Taylor set up and operated two mobile plants, which processed more than 500,000 tons

of debris for evidence recovery in just nine months.  Taylor's process enabled a much higher level of identification than was otherwise possible at significantly less expense in a safe, organized manner.

Taylor Recycling has worked to expand its unique, hard-won expertise by establishing a research and development team to first explore and then implement the best of new waste industry technologies. 

Taylor is actively working with communities all over the world that want the safest, most environmentally sound approaches to over the world that want the safest,
most environmentally sound approaches to solid waste management in their backyards.

Taylor is interested in working with communities who need what we have:  Solutions to dealing with waste economically and soundly, and because no two communities are exacty alike, the solution is often unique for every location.

Some want Taylor to build and operate a construction waste recycling facility because "all the local landfills have closed."   Others have shortages of energy and an abundance of household garbage.  We have answers for these communities as well.
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